What do you truly wish to say?

When you give your book to me to work with, I know that it is sacred. I know that you have poured your soul onto the page. I know that it contains your most tender, secret dreams. I treat it as a living being, with all the respect that denotation deserves.

As an editor, I am here to support you in singing the song of your soul. In my developmental work, I help you master your organization, story, and flow. In line editing, I work with language use and creative content on a sentence level. Ultimately, no matter what service you need, my goal is to understand the essence of your work and support you in revealing it in all its brilliance.

And whatever your project–whether it’s a poetic memoir, a juicy love story, or a manual for running a successful farm–I hope to support you in expressing what only you have to offer. I want to hear the voice of your soul.

Interested? Learn more about me or my developmental editing and line editing services. I also offer coaching.